Welcome to the Social Network of Gregorian

So why a specialized Social Network is needed for Gregorians?

We already connected with Facebook, Twitter and other social network. But these social network has no option to share structured date like your blood group, up to date phone numbers and emails, your social profile, your living area, your profession and business details etc. Also with Facebook group it not possible to get a central database of all your batch mate.

So with Gregorians Social Network You will register and will update ¬†all of your data like your blood groups, your current email address, phone numbers, your current living area, your current social profile links and etc. Of course you can upload your profile picture and cover photo also. After register you will get a Gregorian user name like www.gregorians.net/gregorian/<your-user-name> It will be your ‘Gregorian Profile Page’ you can login any time and can update your data.

Things can be done through Gregorians Social Network

After register and updated your Gregorian Profile the following can be done.

  • Find all you batch mate in a central place.
  • Find your batch mate by blood groups when ever you needed.
  • Phone your friends when you need.
  • Email them when you need.
  • Contact with Facebook, Twitter, Whatsup, Skype, imo, Viber or what ever you want form a central place.
  • You can find whom of your batch mate is in same business like you right now and contact him.
  • You can find who is in the specific profession and can reach for consultation.
  • Send private message or group-wise message to communicate with your batch mate.
  • Post your status message and see other friend’s activity updates.

The Social Network is fully Live now! for Batch 2004 Only

The Gregorian Social network is fully Live now! but as the project is now in Alpha Stage only Gregorians 2004 Batch members will be approved with verification.

How to Use?

  • Click the Register Link on the site.
  • Fill up the information to register.
  • After registration login in to your profile and edit you profile by clicking the link ‘Edit Profile’ link.
  • Here you will find 3 tabs for updating 3 types of Information,
    • Your Basic Contact Information,
    • Your Social Contact Information and
    • Your Instant Contact information
  • Update all the current and up to date information of yours.
  • Upload a nice profile picture and cover photo of yours so that your batch mate and friends can recognize you.

Your friends or batch mate will do the same. Now by going to ‘All Gregorians’ Page you will find all of your batch mate and friends and find their ‘Gregorian Profile’ and all their contact info.

So we can get connected when ever you need them.